Automatic Insect Control Unit

Changing over a refill can

Please note that cans only require tightening to finger tight.   do not over tighten when screwing in a new refill.

Is the refill can is empty or are the batteries are dead?

Open unit by holding the back plate of the unit flat in your hand.
With your thumb positioned just beneath the logo, push the top half of the unit, from the base towards the top.

Once open, the unit has two controls down the bottom. One says on/off and the other 5/7.
Ensure the slider is in the ‘on’ position.

To the left of the sliders is a small round black primer button.
When you press the black button, two things should happen.

Firstly, you should hear a clicking noise, this is the mechanism that propels the spray out of the can.
The clicking noise means your batteries still have life (as your batteries lose strength the spray becomes weaker).
When you hit the black primer button a measure of spray should spray out of the unit’s nozzle.
Hit the black primer button four or five times.

No noise or clicking sound means you your batteries are dead.
No spray (but a clicking noise) means your refill can is empty, but your batteries still have some kick.

The 5/7 setting is how often the unit sprays, every five or seven minutes.
At five minutes the refill can will last six weeks.
At seven-minute intervals your refill will stretch to eight weeks.

The effectiveness of units is determined by the quantity of product in the air so if you are still noticing flies make sure your unit is dispensing every five minutes.

Run your unit at seven minutes when the flies start to appear at the beginning of Summer and at the tail end of the season.

Run the dispenser units at five-minute intervals for maximum coverage.
It is also good to test the air flow before you install your unit.

Use the black primer button to do this so you can see exactly where the product is drifting when it sprays.

Please telephone 0439 37 59 44 if you have any further questions.