All Natural

Food safe - Ideal for
Commercial kitchens
Dry stores
Bar areas
Front of house

Fly free in 72 hours

Effective on flies & vinegar flies.
Couriered to your door
No electrician required

Personalised service

Discuss with a chef suitable positioning for automatic dispensers in your venue

Effective & economical

Discreet & unobtrusive
Fragrance free
Cost effective
No contracts

Shipping Australia Wide

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Become Fly Free Today With Cutting Edge Indoor Fly Control Systems

Are you noticing flies in your restaurant? Have you considered the impact a single negative review could have on your business?  Flies carry disease and repel customers. Your diners will order less, leave sooner and return when?

Don’t worry, the Fly Lady is here to help! We’ve got effective, food safe, fly control systems to suit indoor fly and fruit fly problems. Even better, our solution is all-natural and Australian made. Call today to nip your fly problem in the bud.

The All Natural Indoor Fly Control Solution

Few things are worse for a restaurant than a fly problem.  Certain months of the year, it can seem near impossible to get rid of these flying pests. Whether you’re experiencing a blow fly issue or a cloud of fruit flies that simply won’t quit,  it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless. Many feel pressed to resort to hazardous chemicals that are not only harmful to flies but also to humans. But with an all-natural, stress free and affordable solution, there’s no reason to expose you customers and staff to harmful products.

The Fly Lady has been assisting customer-focused clients Australia wide attain the solution to their fly problems since 2009. Pyrethrin, known as nature’s fly repellent, is fly control solution that is human and pet friendly, HAACP approved, biodegradable and extremely efficient in low quantities. Fitted into our cleverly designed automatic dispensers, you’ll enjoy 24/7 protection, without the hassle.  For your peace of mind contact us today.

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Fly Control Products

Customers Reviews

The Fly Lady is always prompt and always happy. Never misses a top up! We continue to use The Fly Lady because the product is the right price and the product works. I would absolutely recommend The Fly Lady.
Vince- Devine’s Quality Butcher
Pip has worked with us since 2009 and we haven’t looked back. She makes the whole process effortless. It’s all very easy and convenient. We highly recommend her services and product.
Tristan - Harvest
We have never had a problem thanks to the services of The Fly Lady. Never had a drama. Pip is a very nice lady – pretty cool. I would definitely recommend – been working here at Scales for 15 years – always used Pip wouldn’t use anyone else. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it.
Scale Seafood Tweed Heads Logo
Tyler - Scales Seafood
I would highly recommend The Fly Lady. We have no fly problem. She’s lovely.
The Bay Seafood Market Byron Bay Black and WhiteLogo
Craig - Bay Seafood
The Fly Lady keeps our customers very happy. Would highly recommend. Since she came to work for us we have had no complaints - even in outside areas – there are no flies around the outside bar. The Fly Lady keeps the place very clean – no flies!
Simon- The Spice Den
The Fly Lady product is very good. We have used The Fly Lady since 2010 and it’s obviously working as we have no fly problem here! Pip is very professional and helpful. I would certainly recommend.
Brody- Burleigh Heads Hotel

Where to install fly control dispensers?

You can target problem areas or you can cover enter and exit points.   
If your internal space is very large it may be more efficient to cover doorways and windows.
Your bar area may have fruit flies while your food service area may attract the larger flies. 

The photos below show common install positions for dispensers.
Final location will depend on the direction of the air flow in your establishment and considerations such as range hoods and rubbish bin placement. 
As a chef l work with you, through this process,  to ensure optimal installation positioning is achieved.  
For a better view, click to enlarge images.