Case Studies

Case Studies


PROBLEM: Single storey café/bakery surrounded by beautiful gardens. Outdoor and indoor dining, fully functioning bakery on site.
SOLUTION: Units situated in all four corners of the cafe and one behind the service counter.


Upmarket Dining

PROBLEM: Converted house now country restaurant with a large open kitchen, bar and coffee area. Outdoor dining on undercover wrap around veranda. The restaurant is surrounded by gorgeous organic vegetable gardens.
SOLUTION: Ten units mounted throughout the restaurant and kitchen, bar and outdoor deck area.

Fine Dining

PROBLEM: Beautiful restaurant situated on the back of the beach. Breeze affected. Large open dining room. Outdoor dining areas on deck.
:Installed nine units in total. Several cross the top of window openings on the deck, one beneath the bar area covering the empty bottle bin, one above the kitchen back door and one in the bin room.


PROBLEM: Fabulous large deli/café offering open air dining with a food handling space in the central area of the establishment. Offers a phenomenal range of deli products as well as takeaway salads and cakes.
SOLUTION: Three units established in the very open deli section in the centre of the shop where the meat is sliced and small goods are handled. Deli’s display fridges open into this central service area. Two units cover this central area and one above the large external doorway. Out door dining area not tackled, too exposed.


PROBLEM: Quirky café and catering company set in the Byron Bay industrial estate. Industrial sized roller door opens directly onto the large communal dining table inside creating an immediate indoor/outdoor feel. Café is surrounded by automobile workshops and community business spaces.
SOLUTION: Seven units installed. Two within the large commercial kitchen and three running the length of the communal dining space and two units covering the pass/till area.


PROBLEM: Smallish café with a very busy drive-through facitity. Four external opening points and a large plate glass front window.
SOLUTION: Four units were supplied and installed. Three units were installed covering the plate glass window and automatic glass sliding front door. The fourth unit covers the drive through service window.

Sports Bar

PROBLEM:Large sports bar. Three banks of beer taps.
SOLUTION:Four units under bar to keep vinegar flies at bay.

Pasta Bar

PROBLEM:Open restaurant with large windows extending from table level to ceiling. West facing. Long, narrow layout boasts indoor/outdoor dining. Back door to the small car park is always open.
SOLUTION:Four units were supplied and installed to cover the narrow, galley commercial kitchen and coffee making areas.

The Fly Lady

RSL Club

PROBLEM: Popular riverside venue required assistance with bar areas.
SOLUTION: Four units were fitted per bar to prevent vinegar flies from breeding out of control. Units were fitted beneath the bars.  Discreet and effective.


The Fly Lady

Fruit and Veg shop

PROBLEM: Extra large fruit and veg shop with several aisles of supermarket good available. Store struggling with vinegar flies particularly around onions, stone fruit, pineapples and bananas.
SOLUTION: Four units installed so staff are able to rearrange units  in order to dispense product in the areas where problem fruits are displayed.