Fly Problems

Up close photo of a fly

Automatic fly control

How Does It Work?
  • Wall mounted dispensers
  • Battery operated 
  • DIY refill,  6 weekly
  • Spray every 5 mins, 24/7
  • Couriered to your door
  • Easy to operate
  • Switch off in winter

Flies are a major problem. Spreading diseases, repelling customers and damaging reputations. Tormenting every sector of the hospitality industry. Flies have to be kept outdoors.
The solution must be effective, inexpensive, quick to maintain and food safe.

So, just what is that solution?
A ‘one stop’ fix for all hospitality spaces.
Suitable for use where food and beverage are produced, created, served or stored.

The Fly Lady, fly control spray is ideal for use front or back of of house. Non toxic to all warm blooded creatures. Non residual and fast to breakdown. No residue left on surfaces. Quiet and discreet, customers won’t notice. 

Keep flies away from your customers. Let them enjoy the experience and dine in peace. Leave your guests to recall the food, the service and the occasion. Don’t let them remember your venue for the flies. For your peace of mind and your customers pleasure, get rid of the flies today.

Talk with someone who knows your industry. Be proactive and stop fly issues. With Summer just around the corner,  get this job ticked off the list today.