Fly Control For The Hospitality Industry

Restaurant staff

Get assistance from someone with industry experience. Familiar with commercial kitchens, restaurant spaces and procedures. An ex chef specializing in fly control for the food industry. Manufacturing and supplying an effective solution.  Cost efficient, food friendly, easy to install and operate. No contracts. Deal direct. No franchises or middle man. Shipped Australia wide, to your door. MSDS and HACCP approval for your records.

bar staff pouring a brink from a Post mix tap

Flies are a problem for all sectors of the hospitality industry. In dining areas, buzzing around customers while they are trying to eat. Forming clouds around your beers taps and increasing wastage. Landing on food in the kitchen and on the pass. Flies spread disease and tarnish reputations. It is imperative you take steps to eliminate flies in your work place.

Chefs at work

Download The Restaurant Pest Control Checklist. Conduct a fly control audit of your space. Identify typical hot spots. Take note of the type of fly. Easier than it sounds. Finger nail size or pin head size will cover it. Ask staff if they had problems in their section last Summer? Think about the particular areas you need to fly proof.
When your ready to talk flies and how to get rid of them, give Pip a call.
Discuss a solution specially laid out to suit your space.