Do the refill cans have a fragrance?
No. The Fly Lady refills are not scented. Your customers want to smell your food and the coffee, not the spray.
How long does a refill can last?
The Fly Lady Automatic Dispenser releases sprays from the aerosol refill can every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day for 6 weeks. They also have a setting to spray every 7.5 minutes. On this setting the refill will last 8 weeks. This is helpful at the start and end of Summer, when the flies aren’t too bad. Naturally, the more product in the air, the more effective the result.
Why leave the spray on over night?
It gives the spray a chance to build up when all the doors and windows are closed and the range hood is off. Leaving the spray on over night means anything caught inside will be knocked out over night. It will also assist with your overall pest control.
Is Pyrethrin really Ok?

Pyrethrin has been used for fly control for 160 years. It is harvested from the chrysanthemum flower with commercial crops of the daisy-like plant being grown in Kenya, Tanzania, Ecuador, Japan and Croatia. Tasmania is also becoming a significant grower of the world’s pyrethrin supply. Pyrethrin food friendly fly spray is a sustainable green product.

  • Pyrethrin is a very effective repellent of insects
  • it breaks down rapidly in the environment via photolysis (UV light)
  • it leaving no residue after several hours.
  • pyrethrins are short-lived in the environment and do not bioaccumulate.

Breakdown times vary according to temperature and UV light but pyrethrin half-life ranges from 1.6 to 3.2 hours. The breakdown products are essentially non-toxic and pose no risk.

If pyrethrins are absorbed via breathing or ingestion, anything warm blooded will quickly metabolize the pyrethrins causing it to break down into non-toxic metabolites which are excreted via the bowels and bladder.

Will flies die around my customers or in my food prep?

The Fly Lady fly spray is not a fast knock down spray. When insect encounter the repellent mist they leave the area as they are unable to metabolise the product. For establishments with open doors and windows this means the flies let themselves out! Ideal in hospitality situations as flies do not die in front of customers or in the kitchen.

Does the fly control spray work on other insects?

The Fly Lady spray is effective on mosquitoes, midges, pantry moths, all flying insects.

How do l work out where to put the dispensers?

We consult over the phone, using any online photos and pictures you send to my phone. I look at the layout of your space, explain how the units work and together we are able to position the units for optimal performance in your environment.

How many dispensers will l need?

Sometimes it is easier to cover entries and exits, especially if you have regular sized door ways. Sometimes you will need to focus on specific problem areas or service areas. Some cafes will run a unit either side of the open shop front and one and one further into the building. It will depend on the air flow, how many open windows and doors and the size of the space.

How do l install the dispensers?

The dispensers are wall mounted by one screw. This allows for them to be easily removed for refilling. It is a HACCP requirement that the units be easily removed for cleaning purposes.

There is the facility to use a second screw when installing. Two screws completely secures the back plate of the dispenser to the wall and ensure units cannot be easily removed. Helpful if the unit could potentially be stolen.

Is there anything else l can do to help get rid of flies?

One of the easiest places for flies to breed is going to be your outside rubbish bins. There is a couple of fast easy things you can do here.

  • Make sure all rubbish goes ino the bins in tied up rubbish bags.
  • Keep the bin lid closed. Don’t over fill. Get a 2nd bin if necessary.
  • Get your bins emptied as often as feasible
  • Rinse bins out after emptying
  • Get an Enviro Trap from Bunnings or order online. They attract flies so make sure to position them well away. They stink once they get going but they are very effective.
  • Grab Bin Kill from your supermarket and zip tie it into your wheelie bin. It’s in the aisle near the rat sack.
What to consider when looking at fly control for my business?

When looking at fly control for your business consider the air flow through the premises. Take note of the prevailing wind direction. Does the breeze push in through the front door or is your space fairly protected? It there a through breeze – in the front door and out the back door? Are there particular areas where the flies congregate? Problem spots? If you have vinegar flies, take note of where they located – particularly first thing in the morning, before they are disturbed. Once disturbed, they will head up to the bulk heads, out of the way until all is quiet again.

What do l do now? How do l order?

If you know what you’d like your welcome to order through the website. There is direct debt, pay pal or credit card facilities upon checkout. If you’d like to discuss the positioning of dispensers in your establishment please get in contact. If there are any particular areas, please send photos to my mobile. Overall pictures that show the general shape and layout are also helpful. Windows, doors, range hood, the pass etc. Please include the business name so l can check the internet for photos. All orders are shipped to your business.

Pip Mb 0439 375 944