Natural Pyrethrin Headlice Shampoo

Are the ingredients in the Fly Lady spray found in other Australian products?
The  identical  active ingredients are found in the pictured babies head and body lice shampoo which is  currently sold in Woolworths.  This product is also Australian made and owned and very effective.  

What kind of insects will the Fly Lady Spray repel?
When dispensed as an airborne mist the  pyrethrin in the Fly Lady Spray will repel all flying insects.  It will assist in keeping ants and cockroaches at bay but as it  breaks down in very quickly in the environment it is best used  for flying insects. 

What is the difference between Pyrethrin, Pyrethrum and Pyrethroid?Pyrethrins are the active ingredients derived from the natural insecticide pyrethrum, also known as the chrysanthemum daisy.
Pyrethroids are synthetic or manufactured versions of pyrethrins. 
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Can l use double sided tape to install dispensers?
Double sided tape is not strong enough to hold a dispenser on the wall.  The unit will fall and break.  Do not use double side tape.  The screws provided or a zip tie are suitable for installation depending on situation.

How many dispensers will l need?
Positioning and units required will depend largely on air circulation in your particular space.  It will also depend on which insect species you are targeting. Units go down low for the fermentation flies and up high for regular flies. Read more about where to install here.
You will need to consider the breeze and its prevailing direction.  The product will not work if it is simply blowing out the window.  Is it easier to cover entries and exits only or would you be better off covering problem areas?

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