Domestic Fly Solutions

Domestic Fly Solutions

Sick of being bitten by mozzies and midges?
Want to leave the doors and windows open?

The Fly Lady has the solution.
Using natural pyrethrum automated dispensers create an insect proof barrier that will repel mozzies and midges enabling you to enjoy your home as you intended. Leave your doors and windows wide open and remain bite free.

Pyrethrum is not a new discovery. It is used widely through out Australia in the Agricultural Industry, in commercial fruit and vegetable growing and in many household products that protect people from pests such as nits, body lice and bed bugs.

The insect units automatically dispense pyrethrum spray every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Install insect units inside your home- placed above or beside external opening doors and windows, to create an insect barrier and stop those flying, biting critters entering.
For larger doorways and window spans position a unit either side of the opening.
If it is not possible to cover the entire open area it may be necessary to put a unit further into the room, so insects that do enter will seek to leave.
Where possible insects will leave the area. If trapped, insects will die.

It really is that simple.
The pyrethrum spray is very effective.
It is a matter of having sufficient product in the air.

Pyrethrum photo-biodegrades. Put simply, in light, within two hours, the active component is broken down.

This is one of the characteristics that makes pyrethrum so versatile.  It is also why it is important to leave dispensers running around the clock.  There is no residual build up.


For the best results dispensers need to be

  • wall mounted approximately 2 meters above ground level
  • leave a 30cm gap between the top of the dispenser and the ceiling
  • leave a 60cm gap between walls and dispenser
  • units must be mounted vertically
  • breezy areas may require more dispensers to maintain control
  • ensure product is drifting in desired direction
  • the more product in the air, the better the results

While fighting mozzies and midges, your insect units will also keep your home fly free.
They are effective on ants, aphids, beetles, moths, spiders, mites, vinegar flies, gnats, houseflies, pantry pests, midges and many more.

Install your dispensers, throw your doors and windows open and enjoy your house as you intended.