Commercial Fly Solutions

Commercial Fly Solutions


Whether you are looking to rid your food establishment of flies or vinegar flies, l have the insect control solution for you.

Automatic dispenser units releasing a timed, measured dose of natural pyrethrum extract are both cost effective and efficient, working quietly away in the background, providing peace of mind from insect control problems.

The placement of dispenser units depends on kitchen lay-out and requirements

To stop flies entering the building;

  • installing dispenser units over doors and open windows is a good approach.  If your doors are standard size, or double standard this is easily achievable.
  • fill the area with product so when the insects enter they about face and leave.  Use this approach when your opening are too large to cover, or there are no suitable attachment points to mount units.

It will depend on your individual situation as to which set up will be suitable.

Ensure units are positioned so the product stays in the desired area.

To eliminate vinegar flies

Units are best positioned where the insects breed. This is generally below the bar, down around knee level.  Check around drip trap outlet hoses.  Tape up drains and outlets where possible.

  • Ask staff to look where vinegar flies congregate when they first arrive at work, before they are disturbed.  Once disturbed the vinegar flies will move up to the ceiling level unit the area is quiet again,  when they will return to the dark moist sticky under bar areas.
  • Vinegar flies are also attracted to moist mops, dirty linen bags, leaking machinery, dirty floor mats, sticky spills and drains

I recommend Insectaguard as a surface spray for under-bar areas, wipe over shelves, door frames and any other surfaces you notice vinegar flies sitting on.

Manually spray the units to establish which direction the spray will travel.

When correctly installed, the product comes with HACCP approval. For the approval to be effective the units must not be installed directly above kitchen work stations or uncovered food stuffs.

For further installation tips please got to the Products Tab to find “Where To Install” page.

Also check the two pages of easy but effective ideas l have put together under the Downloads Tab>PDF Downloads>Simple steps to help eliminate flying pests.

Many thanks.  Pip