The Fly Lady Insect Spray

Aerosol Cans & The Environment

Acting in advance of its international obligations, Australian industry voluntarily ceased it’s use of of CFC propellants by the end of 1989.   Dr Paul Fraser of the CSIRO “Today’s aerosols DO NOT damage the Ozone layer.”

Pyrethrum – Natures finest fly repellent

Pyrethrum – Ideal For Commercial Fly Control Aerosol  pyrethrum is natures finest natural, non toxic fly control.  Pyrethrum is produced from the oils found Chrysanthemum flowers.  It’s eco sensitive and sustainably grown in Tasmania, Australia.

Pyrethrin, Pyrethrum and Pyrethroids

Pyrethrins are the active ingredients derived from the natural insecticide pyrethrum, also known as the chrysanthemum daisy.Pyrethroids are synthetic or manufactured versions of pyrethrins. While they have a similar mode of action, they are more toxic than natural pyrethrins and persist for a longer time in the environment. Pyrethrins, the extracts of pyrethrum, are less …

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