Queensland Tuckshops Go Fly Free

The Fly Lady is proud to be supplying fly control to Queensland Tuckshops. Keeping the flies out of our kids food! Food safe and cost effective. Automatic Fly Lady Sprays provide the ideal solution for fly control in indoor, commercial kitchen spaces, tuckshops included.

Prepared Food Magazine

As Posted in Prepared Food on 07 July 2016 The Fly Lady is selling a solution to insect issues — a fast-acting pyrethrum spray for use in hospitality situations. Effective against a broad range of insects including flies, vinegar flies, pantry moths, even mosquitoes and midges.  Efficient in low quantities, it enables the user to …

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Same Ingredients Different Product

Are the ingredients in the Fly Lady spray found in other Australian products? The  identical  active ingredients are found in the pictured baby head and body lice shampoo which is  currently available in Woolworths.  Like The Fly Lady Spray, this product is  Australian made and owned.  It is  highly effective and inexpensive.