About The Fly Lady

About The Fly Lady


A little about The Fly Lady

A major part of my working life has been as a Chef in the hospitality industry, both in Melbourne, Nth NSW, far Nth QLD and Italy.
I have worked in fining dining restaurants, cafes, on board boats and in the ski fields.


My business addresses the ongoing problem of FLY CONTROL in all food areas, but especially, COMMERCIAL KITCHENS, CAFES, JUICE BARS, FRUIT AND VEGETABLE BARNS, TAKEAWAYS, FISHMONGERS, BAKERY’S, BUTCHERS, BARS, in fact, all food prep and hospitality spaces.

I noticed early on that no one was dealing specifically with fly problems in the food sector and that with my years of working as a chef and intimate knowledge of kitchen operations there was a place in the market for a company to take this work on.
My business THE FLY LADY, manages FLY problems for all aspects of the food industry, leaving chefs and food handlers in particular, free to concentrate on what they do best… Food.
At the moment the l am managing the fly control systems for 180 restaurants in Northern NSW, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and beyond.

QUICK FACTS about the product:

1. The Fly Lady Insect Spray is made from chrysanthemum flowers, it is natural.
2. Is effective against all flying insects including pantry moths, vinegar flies and blowflies.
3. Is ideal for indoor use, dry stores, kitchens, front of house, bars…
4. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe for use around all warm blooded creatures – very young people and pets included.