What Are Your Options When It Comes To Fly Control?

Certain solutions are suited to certain situations.

Airlocks.   If properly designed, located and maintained, they are an effective method of preventing the entry of flies, especially if used in conjunction with fly control units.  Great for entry into food production areas.  Can be much easier to have one fly proof airlock, than trying to fly proof a larger open area inside.

Air Curtains.   Many of the establishments l look after started with air curtains, but these alone do not provide protection from flies. Flies pass happily through them on the shoulders of customers or zip through unescorted without concern. As such systems are not in widespread use due to cost and varying degrees of efficiency.  If the systems are not adequate in power, or not sited correctly, they do not provide the degree of protection that might be expected.  If you are considering going down this track be sure to ask about the noise level of the machines.  They can be very noisy. They are good for keeping air con inside during summer.

Automatic Fly Control Units. These units are economical and efficient. Fragrance-Free.  They can be installed just about anywhere so are great for targeting problem areas. Battery run, no electrician required.  HACCP approved. Great for under bar installation when targeting vinegar fly breeding areas.  Easy to operate and can be switched off during the cooler months.  Ideal for flies, vinegar flies and pantry moths.  No suitable for high wind areas.  Ideal for indoor use.

Electronic fly killer.  You need to be careful where you put these zappers as they are not suitable for food prep areas.  Frying, exploding fly parts are catapulted into the surrounds.  The electrocuting process omits quite a noise.  Keep away from your customers and your kitchen.  A fly must pass within 4 meters of the bug zapper to show a distinct positive response.  If units are visible from the outside of the building, they may attract flies inside.  Must be 10 meters from food stuffs and 4 meters from packing stuffs.  The efficiency of UV tubes drops off sharply after scheduled lifespan.  Maintenance is important.

Fly screens.  Screening doors and windows, very effective if properly maintained.   Poorly fitted screens, holes in screens and doors/windows left open negate their value.  Is always a great idea to have a screen on your back door, especially if it leads to your rubbish bin area.

Fly light with sticky boards.  These contraptions operate by providing a light source to attract insects.  Therein is the problem.  Many cafes with open doors and windows are light and bright.  During sunny summer days, the outputted light source can be insufficient to attract the insects.  Staff are required to replace fly adhesive boards.  Some units require an electrician, some will plug into a power point.  Good in darker environments or to attract insects in low light or at night.

Strip Curtains. Made of plastic of varying thickness and opacity.  You want to ensure the strips are not cut too short when fitted.  Do not leave a gap at floor level when fitting/trimming.  They are ideal for certain areas. Cool rooms and freezers obviously, also high traffic back doors where garbage bin areas are close by. They can make carrying goods through the door a little more challenging, but no more so than having to open and close a screen door and on the plus side, staff cannot leave the door open! Value is negated when strips are tied back. Will require wiping down at intervals. Good in high breeze, wind tunnel type doorways but can substantially cut airflow in summer.

Why The Fly Lady Natural Pyrethrin Fly Control Is A Winner

Pyrethrin has been used for fly control for 160 years.  It is harvested from the chrysanthemum flower with commercial crops of the daisy-like plant being grown in Kenya, Tanzania, Ecuador, Japan and Croatia. Tasmania is also becoming a significant grower of the world’s pyrethrin supply.  Pyrethrin food friendly fly spray is a sustainable green product.

  • Pyrethrin is a very effective repellent of insects
  • it breaks down rapidly in the environment via photolysis (UV light)
  • it leaving no residue after several hours.
  • pyrethrins are short-lived in the environment and do not bioaccumulate.

Breakdown times vary according to temperature and UV light but half pyrethrin half-life ranges from 1.6  to 3.2 hours. The breakdown products are essentially non-toxic and pose no risk.

If pyrethrins are absorbed via breathing or ingestion, anything warm blooded will quickly metabolize the pyrethrins causing it to break down into non-toxic metabolites which are excreted via the bowels and bladder.

The Fly Lady Pyrethrin Insect Spray Is

  • Fragrance-free
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • HACCP approved
  • Efficient and economical
  • Child and pet-friendly. The same two ingredients are used in children’s headlice shampoo

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