We are always happy to see Pip, The Fly Lady, when she arrives at our business. She is so friendly, efficient and helpful. Pip replenishes the café-friendly insect spray devices regularly. We would recommend her service to any other business that would like to take the hassle out of tending to these important, yet time consuming tasks, allowing us to get in and serve our customers the good old fashioned food.
The Fly Lady was recommended to us. I can really vouch for the service. The products are great. We keep using them because they are so good. Pip is delightful, always happy and easy to speak to. Yes I would recommend The Fly Lady, certainly.
We have never had a problem thanks to the services of The Fly Lady. Pip only recently came through and upgraded all the systems. Never had a drama. Pip is a very nice lady – pretty cool. I would definitely recommend – been working here at Scales for 15 years – always used Pip wouldn’t use anyone else. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it.
Black blow fly with transparent wings

QUICK FACTS about the product:

  1. The Fly Lady Insect Spray is made from chrysanthemum flowers, it is natural.
  2. Is effective against all flying insects including pantry moths, the tiny vinegar flies and the regular, annoying flies.
  3. Is ideal for indoor use, dry stores, kitchens, front of house, bars…
  4. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe for use around all warm blooded creatures – very young people and pets included.

Wondering how to keep flies out of your cafe? Got lots of open windows and doors? Wall mounted dispensers will do the trick.

Food Safe Fly Spray Above The Food Cabinets & In Front Of The Pass
Eco friendly and the service is great – the product is really effective. We use it in our café. She’s a lovely lady too. We would highly recommend.
The name says it all, really. The Fly Lady’s Service is very good and the product is excellent. I would absolutely recommend The Fly Lady to other businesses.
Brooky General Store and Café
This product does what it says. It is a very good product, no smell, no irritants. Have tried the other products but they don’t work. Would highly recommend The Fly Lady to other businesses.
Supa Fruta Keppera
We had a fly problem when I first took on the business. Someone gave me her details, can't remember who. Instantly fixed it. The sprays work really well and Pip offers a great service. She is always friendly and reliable. The six weekly service means I don't have to spend time or energy thinking about it, it just happens. I would definitely recommend her.
Pantry 29
The Fly Lady logo Fly Control

Being Fly Free Begins Here

Create a fly free zone in your establishment and allow your customers to focus on your food and service, not the flies.

The Fly Lady dispensers and food approved spray will allow you to create a fly free zone.

Black blow fly with transparent wings