Good Evening lovelies,

First and foremost l hope you, your family and friend are ok.
For those of you who are local, l have decided to cease my service rounds in interest of the greater good.

If you are considering closing your doors you may wish to switch your units off before you go
It is not of vital importance but means you will have product to continue on with when you return.

I have attached dispenser instructions here.  The Fly Lady Dispenser Brochure
The 2nd attachment has photos of how to open the units.  Changing Over Refills

If you have any problems or questions please call.  I will be home, probably staring at my phone!!

If your units are mounted down low, ie under the bar,  for vinegar fly control, leaving them on is a good option.

You could also consider leaving a unit running near your dry store.  Highly recommended for my lovely bakeries.

Please take care.
Thinking of you in these exceptionally difficult times.
Kind Regards
Pip Cleary
The Fly Lady