Fly Control

Fly Problems

Restaurants Commercial Kitchens Bars Bakeries Fish Mongers Butchers School Canteens Equestrian Stables Boutique Accommodation Domestic Environments Automatic fly control How Does It Work? Wall mounted dispensers Battery operated  DIY refill,  6 weekly Spray every 5 mins, 24/7 Couriered to your door Easy to operate Switch off in winter Flies are a major problem. Spreading diseases, …

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What Are Your Options When It Comes To Fly Control?

Certain solutions are suited to certain situations. Airlocks.   If properly designed, located and maintained, they are an effective method of preventing the entry of flies, especially if used in conjunction with fly control units.  Great for entry into food production areas.  Can be much easier to have one fly proof airlock, than trying to fly …

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Pyrethrin, Pyrethrum and Pyrethroids

Pyrethrins are the active ingredients derived from the natural insecticide pyrethrum, also known as the chrysanthemum daisy.Pyrethroids are synthetic or manufactured versions of pyrethrins. While they have a similar mode of action, they are more toxic than natural pyrethrins and persist for a longer time in the environment. Pyrethrins, the extracts of pyrethrum, are less …

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Same Ingredients Different Product

Are the ingredients in the Fly Lady spray found in other Australian products? The  identical  active ingredients are found in the pictured baby head and body lice shampoo which is  currently available in Woolworths.  Like The Fly Lady Spray, this product is  Australian made and owned.  It is  highly effective and inexpensive.